Bandcamp of the Day: COCKRING

COCKRING are a hardcore-punk band base out of Sacramento, California.

The band have recently released their first demo, DEMO 2022. The demo features fast paced tracks that embrace disorder in an attention grabbing way.

The demo enters in with a radio static intro that bleeds into a hyper-active crash of cymbals. The track fades into the next song, “URINAL,” showcasing gnarly vocals that belch through in a grotesque way.

“BITE” showcases the use of different elements of music placed alongside their own familiarity.

Following behind is “IDLE CHAMBER” formulating stand-out screaming vocals portrayed in a spacious display utilizing gusts of wind that seeps into the next track, “PERMISSION.” The track is short and descending, highlighting the band’s ability to emphasize their own sound.

DEMO 2022 ends on “19TH & K.” The song follows the same blueprint as songs that came before it in a momentous way, making for a perfect track to close out on.

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