Bandcamp of the Day: Coded Marking

Coded Markings are a Leeds-based, post-punk band made up of members of a couple of other dark, cold, and brooding noise and punk groups, namely Soft Issues, Hamer, and, lest we forget, Cattle.

The band self-consciously focus on repetition in their compositions, often exploring a single groove for the entire length of a song to wring every drop of potential musicality out of it before putting it to bed. The result is a set of three extremely tight and compellingly cohesive tracks the group have collected into a single release, one they simply call EP.

While you will definitely be able to pick up some no-wavey, desaturated guitar tones, especially on opener “Predissolve,” comparisons to stark and stoic forbearers Joy Division seem appropriate as well (again, especially on the opener). The second track is driven more by a gleaming synth melody which sounds like it is being played in an ice cavern somewhere in the inhospitable wastes of Antarctica, and “The White Cord” finds as its driving force an interplay between a fog of stifling hot feedback and a sparse, vibrating, tendon-like chord that bounces off the clatter of the beat like a radio wave ricocheting off a satellite dish.

The vocal work is probably the most incongruous part of the mix, borrowing from the Jaz Coleman school of singing—shouting like a malevolent presence trapped in a giant, ornate mirror, rippling with reverb and begging you to shatter its prison and set it free.

This EP is a great introduction to the band’s sound, and I’m looking forward to hearing more. 

You can buy and stream Codded Marking’s EP below via Bandcamp.

Cassettes are available here.

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