Bandcamp of the Day: Daufødt

Daufødt are a Norwegian hardcore band, who, for a lack of a better phrase, utterly rock. If you’re familiar with hardcore bands, then you’re probably sick of reading about groups described as “heavy,” ” pummeling,” or “brutal,” to the point where any hardcore band with any sense of traditional melodic structures feels like a breath of fresh air.

But, while melody is a huge part of Daufødt’s approach and appeal, it’s not the limits of said appeal (nor are they specifically a melodic hardcore band). As I said, what Daufødt do best is rock, and rocking the fuck out is EXACTLY what they do on their debut 1000 Island, with giant, cloud-cleaving riffs, sweat-oiled grooves, and id-unleashing, black-leather-skinned bravado.

The dynamics of a track like “Feil” are totally dizzying—catching your eye with the angular shimmer of a knife-trick-like flip-riff, only to clip you across the brow with a cross-hook coming from the opposite side. “Nå rakner alt” has a crust punks tipping and raiding the old-fashioned jukebox at a bowling alley vibe, or more accurately, it carries the epic electricity of conquest that even petite contests of will can find themselves embued with, like the lead singers of Kvelertak and Sheer Mag locking eyes before having their fists bound for an underground arm-wrestling contest.

“Gitar Hero” has a surprisingly desperate quality to it, like it’s attempting to scrape its way out of a wooden chest with a pocket-knife as its makeshift coffin is slowly buried on the property line that separates two remote farms. “Forbudte frukter” will raise your blood-temperature to a pipping roil with the cool shifting clap of its guitar lines and the sure-footed trounce of its galloping grooves.

I’ve undersold it so far, but there is also a prickly post-rock quality to a lot of these tracks that helps enhance the overall atmosphere of 1000 Island in a way that is of weight and well-earned, as the tension-bubble inflating snap of “Resept” and the simmering soup of human anguish “Sammen er vi Daufødt” can attest to.

Daufødt’s sound comes off so comfortably well worn on their debut that it would almost shock me to learn that they weren’t born with these songs thundering around in their soft, gooey, little skulls. As far as debuts go, 1000 Island is rock solid!

You can stream the entirety of Daufødt’s 1000 Island via Bandcamp below:

Get a copy of 1000 Island on Fysisk Format Records here.

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