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There was a certain style of noisy and aggressively hooky power-pop that seemed to only exist within the bubble of popular alternative rock (not an oxymoron) that materialized during the ’90s. The genre expanded about as much as it could before bursting, but before it did, it made household names out of groups like Tripl3fastaction, Material Issue, and The Figgs.

They were only viable for a short time, though, and eventually they all kind of washed down the drain of our collective memories. Even if you were a teen in the ’90s who was into this kind of stuff, you might have to really scour your memory banks to recall one of Dramarama’s hits, or the name of any of the albums Tripmaster Monkey released while they were signed to Sire. James Goodson remembers though, and he’s going to take you back there with his home-studio project, Dazy.

James started Dazy by releasing a couple of two-sided singles to Bandcamp back in August of 2020. Since then he’s developed enough of a sense for the project that he’s graduated into issuing full EPs! The Crowded Mind is the first of these, and while the cover art might read as mysterious guy hardcore, the contents are all obtuse observations about the human condition set to fizzy feedback and ducky, dovetailing hooks.

Starting with the kitten-pad punch and fur-lined scrape of “See The Bottom,” and busting through the surf and sun Posies-esque pounce of “Right As Rain,” to land in the plushy coils of the Supergrass-like gush and noisy hustle of closer “Crowded Mind (Lemon Lime),” this is guitar-pop with enough muscle and confidence to pull a semi-trailer down a football field with its bare teeth.

Whether you’re a ’90s kid, or just grew up with one, let The Crowded Mind take your brain on a trip in the way back machine to a time when “alternative” stood for fresh ideas, and those ideas were often flush with a sugar coating of flavorful feedback.

You can buy and stream The Crowded Mind below via Bandcamp:

More info can be found on Dazy here. Check out James’s other projects, Teen Death here, and Bashful here.

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