Bandcamp of the Day: Drug Couple

Indie-rock band Drug Couple have released new track “Linda’s Tripp.” This single can be found on the band’s forthcoming record, Stoned Weekend, Due out February 18.

The track features hazy melodies maintained at a steady pace while reflecting the band’s capability of keeping an upbeat aura. “A song about a couple of teenage bloodsuckers and their tumultuous friendship,” say the duo about the new song.

This record is a follow-up record to their release in August of 2020, Choose Your Own Apocalypse. The 2020 record showcases and array of tracks from “No Legged Dog” featuring drums beats that chuck alongside relaxed vocals and a grungy melody.

Songs like “Ain’t It Heavy” mirror the band’s dreamy sounds while giving listeners a taste of what their future music will project.

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