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Farseek from Columbus Ohio are on the shinier side of the emo revival spectrum. They like big hooks. They like glimmering, new-wavey guitars. And they like unleashing the winds produced by their inner turmoil and the cold heat of their heartbreak in the form of song. Like Camp Trash, they probably don’t think of themselves as much of an emo band, but with the proximity of their sound to acts like The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and the more confessional side of Jeff Rosenstock, it’s hard to think of a more applicable genre tag.

Hmmm … Are you up for a thought experiment? What if we forget about genre and whatever abstractions you associate with certain classifications of sound, and just talk about Farseek’s sound on its own terms. Why? Because Farseek’s latest EP Standstill is really fun, and it really doesn’t matter what you call something, as long as it’s working for you. And Standstill does work for me, and it might do the trick for you too!

“Crying” opens with a synth lead harmony, that snap transitions into a foggy, crossfire of guitars, that slice and bounce off of each other like disco lights, creating a surprisingly romantic atmosphere that carries through to the end, sufficing the body of the song, which houses some excellent, stuttery, Mid-West, power-pop licks and hooks.

“Declaration of Affection” has a drowsy pace, goaded forward by some mildly tipsy, downstream, built-to-spill riffs and signs. “Deconditioned” is brash and bursting with enthusiasm, tripping over its self to say everything it’s always wanted to tell some object of its affection, bolstered in its courage by a recurrent wellspring of gang vocals.

“Keeping Me Down” makes excellent use of delicate but heavy reverb to swaddle some juicy pop-guitar hooks through a slashing drift, pulling the rest of the song along like an ox-forging a river, seeking clarity and sanity on the opposing bank. And finally, “New Short Haircut” closes out with an appropriate measure of shimmer and sorrow, for a sunset-pop ballade with a little jangle in its engine.  

If you were thinking of doing some porch drinkin’ with some friends today, or had plans for a short day trip in the country with your partner, You should seriously consider slipping Standstill into the playlist for either endeavor. 

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