Bandcamp of the Day: Floatie

Floatie is a Chicago indie rock band, who like a lot of indie rock bands from that region of the central US, has an oddly circuitous quality to them. The guitar work in particular sounds like it is taking every left turn that it can, and still somehow moving in a straight line. Almost like the force of its composition’s creative energy is causing the Earth to rotate underneath it in order to keep it traveling with a sense of forward momentum.

Floatie’s debut LP Voyage Out is very much an exercise in exploration, taking off for distant shores without a map, but somehow with a clear sense of direction. There is more than a little bit of The Sea and Cake in their sound, but mixed with a tendency for breakaway, strident and arid blues jams, a little reminiscent of Eleventh Dream Day. Their best quality though, is the myriad ways vocalist Sam Bern’s languid drawl stays seaworthy while splashing around in the angular roil of rhythms and ripple-slap grooves produced by the surrounding instrumentation.

Opener “Shiny” is particularly jangly and jubilant while “In the Night” explores the more somber side of the band’s sound. The title track “Voyage Out” is embodied by a broken-toed limp that gives way to a skipping Stereolab-like, brain-flipping rollick, and “Castleman” has a guarded and hypnotic structure that feels like someone throwing a party for themselves inside their own head and getting a little too drunk while they’re at it.

You can stream all of Floatie’s debut LP Voyage Out below via Bandcamp:

Voyage Out was released via Exploding in Sound Records. You can get it on cassette here (vinyl is temporarily sold out).

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