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GEL is a New Jersey hardcore band who have been tearing a bloody streak across the US hardcore scene since their inception back in 2018. Similar to SPY, CHEW or Urban Sprawl, and drawing influence from pummeling pioneers like SSD, GEL are a band that just sounds eternal. Like they’ve always been there and always will be. Like they’ve been starting circle pits when the rest of us were just apes throwing bones at a black, rectangular obelisk, and they’ll still be doing it after the only things left alive to attend their shows are oversized roaches and radioactive zombies. Long after the oceans rise, the bombs drop, and the supply chains falter leaving your local CVS without a square of clean toilet paper to slip between your cheeks, GEL will prevail. GEL will outlast you all!

GEL released a spinning round-house kick to the jawbone earlier this year with their Violent Closure 7″ and have now followed it up with LIVE!, released through Convulse Records. It’s at this point that you’d expect me to say something like, “Maybe this will tide you over until live shows blah blah blah, wank wank wank…” Forget all that! As every hamburger-helper head and slug-brained reject in Oakland, and other hardcore hotbeds, are already well aware, hardcore shows are back, bitch!

So really a live album from the likes of GEL is just the first serving of a seven-course buffet of whoop-ass coming your way this year! LIVE! contains nearly the entirety of the band’s Violent Closure 7″ recorded in a vicious display of incendiary will, along with a new version of “Point of View” off of their 2018 Demo. If you thought they sounded intimidating on their previous recordings, then you’re really not prepared for the explosive force with which GEL will come at you on their latest release. There is nothing like a haymaker of real, down and dirty hardcore to slap you out of your COVID-induced, lock-down lethargy. GEL is handing out these minute thirty massacres like they’re falling off a conveyer belt and you can either get with it or get ground up in their wake. I don’t have that much more to say here. What more needs to be said? I’ll see you mutants in the pit!

You can buy and stream GEL’s LIVE! below via Bandcamp:

All the LIVE! cassettes that Convulse Records has are already sold out, but you can still get this sick-ass hoodie if you act fast!

UPDATE: Convulse has more cassettes! You can get them here.

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