Bandcamp of the Day: GRAVE NEXT DOOR

Stoner-metal band GRAVE NEXT DOOR have recently released a new music video for their track, “As Heavy As Texas.” 

The track puts forth a substantial sound and stagnant melodies alongside vocals that match the same energy. The visual for the track showcases the band as how they would appear in a live setting.

“We filmed our video for ‘As Heavy As Texas’ in the little town of Hubbard, Texas, where the inspiration of the song came from. We filmed on a severely hot day at the end of July after we played a show there the night before, at the Red Barn Winery And Tasting Room. The town really opened itself to us with their generous and genuine hospitality,” says the band regarding the video.

“We were able to shoot at two locations, a working ranch and an old roadhouse bar. We feel that the footage of the ranch enabled us to show the light and space of Texas. The other location was a dark dank roadhouse bar, which had been a speakeasy during the prohibition years, and it was a direct contrast to the ranch. The video also features a cameo by local Hubbard, Texas artist Tommy Kruger.”

The band seems to keep consistency within their sound, but play with different ways to portray vocals. In previously released tracks such as “Sanctified Heathen,” the band emphasize new vocal technique with whispers of hooks, leaving fans excited for what else they’re ready to portray.

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