Bandcamp of the Day: Hari Sima

Hari Sima is an experimental solo alias of artist  Paco León, who is geared up to  release Solo en Occidente on April 1.

The record features “A2 – Del Barranco al Río.” The track has electronic sounds produced in a tranquil way that catches listeners’ ears while staying true to the project’s sound.

Also on the album is “B1 – Cuando Sonaban las Caracolas,” the track exudes a cricket-like effect over electric sounds that tap into the song’s base. The track fills its atmosphere with a stagnant variety of ear-catching elements.

This release trails behind Hari Sima’s 2020 debut record, Fluido Tempo, a record that follows the same ambient sounds that are portrayed in Solo en Occidente.


  1. “A1 – Fontanar”
  2.  “A2 – Del Barranco al Río” 
  3.  “A3 – Sumatra” 
  4.  “A4 – Petricor” 
  5.  “B1 – Cuando Sonaban las Caracolas” 
  6.  “B2 – Envuelto en Celulosa” 
  7.  “B3 – Desarraigo” 
  8. “B4 – En la Azud”

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