Bandcamp of The Day: Introvert

Newcastle punks Introvert are our Bandcamp of The Day. The four-piece band have announced their upcoming EP, Mending Breaking, that’s due for release on Friday, February 21 through UNFD.
This is the band’s follow up to their single released in 2019, “Somewhere Else” and “Dreamers.” Mending Breaking is a sweet mix of heavy rock ‘n’ punk! This band is a total catch.
Introvert vocalist Audie Franks states:
Sometimes, you get in those spaces, and you want others to help you, but you also want to be able to do it yourself. The title came about because of the idea of someone trying to fix themselves and going through cycles of mending and then breaking again. If you listen to the EP from start to finish, it actually goes around in that circle of mending and breaking.

Pre-order Mending Breaking here!

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