Bandcamp of the Day: Isobel Bess

Isobel Bess (Is) is an artist experimenting with music under her own name, with her record, Light Play due out April 15.

Is plays with a variety of music, from synthesizers and spoken word, to electroacoustic sound manipulation. She produces a misty aura, leaving listeners to get lost in her spacious tone.

In addition to songwriting, she is an author of several poetry books. Her most recent book is called anyway i saw a light there.

Past tracks such as “Summation Of Tensions Between Recognized And Encountered,” play into Is’ dedication to her vast-yet-faint exploration into music.

Light Play features songs like “Deep Time,”  a track that echoes electrified sounds that seem to bounce off each other. The track features a speaker-like poetry, honing in on Is’ unique way of creating an outcome.

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