Bandcamp of the Day: Karma Voyage

Karma Voyage are an experimental, psychedelic band based out of Italy. The band released their first self-titled EP, on October 18 via Icy Cold Records. 

Karma Voyage embody a new wave of alternative, honing in on their capability to make neo-psychedelic material.

Tracks such as “the Old Man” make for a spacious atmosphere highlighting darker undertones and deep-mono-toned vocals. Other songs such as “The Spell” emphasize dynamic, with low vocals that reflect the dark profound sounds that ooze out of the song.

The EP closes on “Venera” clarifying their familiar sound that has taken place throughout the EP, pulling it together as a whole.

Karma Voyage plays with elements of the ’80s darkwave, showcasing their talent in creating sounds with synths, reverb, and delays.

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