Bandcamp of the Day: Lenguaje De Viboras

Hardcore band Lenguaje De Viboras are from Cordoba, Argentina. The band released their record, Ascensíon earlier this month.

Ascensíon shows adventurous effort into the murk and gloom that is hardcore music. Tracks such as “Santiago del Estero” put pressure on the band’s capability in creating dynamic within their sound. “Nergal” leads in with a vicious guitar and controlled screams, making for a magnetic sound.

Further down, the record listeners will find “Varg and Roll.” This track widens the band’s range while leaning in on their incorporation of rock music to their sound.

The record closes on “Abbath,” a track that ties the album together. With streaming guitars and emphasized drums with light melodies throughout the song to take the record to a graceful close.

Ascensíon shows the shaded side of black metal music, while keeping true to an original sound. Lenguaje De Viboras make the genre their own.

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