Bandcamp of the Day: Limos

Today’s Bandcamp comes from Finnish, melodic death metal band Limos. Limos escaped the woods of Kainuu, Finland in 2017. Even though the forests were left behind, the band took with them the elements that define their music; melodic riffs across the board supported by harsh vocals. Goal at the end of the road? Be part of the next generation of Finnish Melodic Death Metal.

The band are set to release their EP Tales Of The White Eye on July 3, 2020 via Inverse Records. The first single, “Altars,” offers listeners a crushing show of this band’s melo-death proficiency.

Tales Of The White Eye tracklist:

01. Altars
02. Rise to Arms
03 Child of the White Eye
04 Surullisten Järvien Maa 

Pre-save Tales Of The White Eye here.

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