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South America has a robust black metal tradition and bands from that hemisphere are usually so incredibly in tune with the depressive and unyielding aesthetic conceits of the genre’s second-wave that it can be absolutely perplexing to the extent that they are excluded from discussions of its trajectory and development over the past thirty years. One possible explanation is that South American black metal (particularly the Brazilian variety) can come across as TOO brutal and primitive, even for the genre’s purists. Whatever the reason that South American black metal ends up being overlooked, I’m always happy to have the opportunity to signal to boost them here on New Noise‘s site.

Los Males Del Mundo (“The Evils of the World” in English) is an Argentine depressive black metal band, who cut around the more primitive aspects of atmospheric black metal’s South American forebearers such as Mystifier, turning instead for inspiration to doom metal and post-rock, in order to give their music the texture and quality of divine neglect.

Los Males Del Mundo’s debut LP Descent Towards Death sounds like Katatonia’s Dance of December Souls rerecorded by Altars of Grief with Ihsahn doing dubbed-over vocals. The band seemingly takes for its inspiration the futile fight, and all too humans struggle, of sowing meaning into the barren soil of life’s random and chaotic proceedings. I would say that Descent Towards Death would be a good companion soundtrack to reading Albert Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus, however that parable had somewhat of a happy ending (eg that so long as you struggle with the right mindset, you can imaging yourself having a purpose and there being some meaning to your fruitless toil). There are no such concessions on Descent Towards Death. No, you’re going to need to dip into some Schopenhauer to get into the right mindset for this one.

“Falling Into Nothing” begins with some cool, mood-setting reverb ruffled chords and a spoken word message, and eerie opening which slowly ramps up into a Wolves in the Throne Room style, frost devoured vessel of resonate, cascading chords and iceberg splitting post-metal percussion, which heats up into an elastic bodied groove with vocals that hit like bursts of Greek fire. “Eternal Circle Of Vain Efforts” picks up the mid section of the album with a grimly miserable groove and achingly, decayed tremolos, and the whole album comes crashing in on you at the finale with the relentless and seething , “The Heavy Burden.”

Relinquish all hope, ye who press play on the player below:

Descent Towards Death is out via Northern Silence Productions. You can get the CD here.

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