Bandcamp of the Day: Martin Gore

Martin Gore has released a follow up EP to his 2015 self-titled LP. The not-so-direct sequel release is a product of the Depeche Mode compositional architect’s inspired own experiments in avant-garde sound. After realizing that his voice could be made to sound like a primate’s while playing with a sound filter, he embarked on a journey to strain his own “primal” urges through a soundboard to produce an assortment of wordless theses on humankind’s hubris. The Third Chimpanzee is named after Jared Diamond’s book on the campaign of conquest humans have embarked on, which in a very short geological span of time, have allowed them to seemingly gain complete control over the processes of the globe, while sealed their fate and fate of the rest of the planet as well. It’s a brief and eerie album full of buzzy, howling synths that mimic the ring of marimba and the yelp of nylon string guitars. The electronic aping acoustic and analog instruments is a favorite pastime of Gore’s and The Third Chimpanzee proves to be an admirable extension of his endeavors as such. Something that may also be of interest, is that the album art is a painting by Pockets Warhol, a capuchin monkey who resides at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary near Ontario.  

You can stream the entirety of Martin Gore’s The Third Chimpanzee below via Bandcamp:

Get a copy of The Third Chimpanzee from Mute Records.

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