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With the weather improving in the Great Lakes region, many of us in Chicago are getting the itch to spend more time outdoors. Not at large outdoor gathers or concert mind you, that kind of thing is still not safe. However, there are a lot of things you can do outside that aren’t likely to result in a superspreader event. Things like hiking, walking your dog, bicycling along Lake Michigan, reading under a tree, and of course, sitting on your porch with a cold glass of something in your hand, maybe an ice tea for you, but for me a tallboy of local brew for me. Whatever you get up to though, you’re going to need some tunes. And for me, at least part of that playlist will be occupied by the latest album Tethers from Chicago-based country-rock artist, Minor Moon.

Minor Moon is the solo effort of Half Gringa drummer Sam Cantor. His third album with the project Tethers is allegedly a breakup album, seeing Cantor channeling George Harrison’s melodic genius and the weather-charm of Neil Young, approached with the devilish-sage inclination of Jim O’Rourke during his ’90s Burt Bacharach phase. Tethers is a mature pop and country album, with a mischievous undertow, lab tested and approved for folks who need to work out some feels, but who don’t want to get too sappy about it. Sam has an absolutely gorgeous voice for this kind of music, capturing just enough soul in his quivering croon to really let you feel the hurt inside his heart, without overwhelming you with mawkish tears. The guitar work here is extremely pretty as well (when it’s not blowing your hair back). Every chord feeling like a gift, with a bow tied on it by its many collaborators, which include Macie Stewart of Ohmme, who lends to the project nimble slices of violin accompaniment, Dorian Gehring, who gives these tracks a little bit of bite with the addition of some toothy, chomping pedal steel, and V.V. Lightbody, whose flute work and backing vocals give these tracks an allure that is like death to deny.

Tethers is an uncommonly lovely album which you can enjoy and purchase below via Bandcamp:

You can pick up Tethers on CD, vinyl, and cassette here.

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