Bandcamp of the Day: Night Of The Living Shred

Today’s Bandcamp is brought to you by Colorado thrash-grinders, Night Of The Living Shred. The band recently dropped their full-length album Return Of The Living Shred on May 1, 2020 and have accomplished quite the humorous fusion of clashing genres. From the hardcore/beatdown track “Gluten Free Hardcore” and the rap smash hit “Flinstoned,” to the grinding “I Became A Coffee Roaster Because I Like To GRIND,” Night Of The Living Shred takes plenty of opportunities to create something for everyone. If that doesn’t sell you on the record, the short “Heavy Metal Bartender” interludes littered across the album will. 

A message from the band: “This album was written and recorded (for the most part) in 1 day at Wescott Pro Audio recorded by Schylar Woods. In the underground music scene you see so many people that take themselves so seriously, and if you look really hard at it (though it is so important), it’s pretty silly.”

Listen to Return Of The Living Shred here.

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