Bandcamp of the Day: NightFreak

Punk-rock band NightFreak have released their new record, Speed Trials.

The record kicks off with “Surprise!,” an anthemic track, filled to the prim with fast paced riffs alongside bold and loud vocals.

The next track, “New Years Eve,” is short and melodic while loaded with angst and gritty vocals. Guitars glide next to the chaos that exudes from the band’s hooks.

“Sheer Terror” comes rolling in with focus drawn to drums. The song feels rushed as vocal chants fill the atmosphere.

The record ends on “I’ll Show You Heaven.” The track seems to follow the same elements as the track before it. While each track follows a formula, there’s hints of diversity that highlight the band’s creativity.

The band hone in on ’70’s arena riffs and ’80’s underground intensity while still being able to stay true to their own sound.

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