Bandcamp of the Day: Nihility

Nihility are a Portuguese death metal band supporting their new record, Beyond Human Concepts.

Beyond Human Concepts is the band’s sophomore studio album. The record keeps tradition of brutal sound with roots in death and black metal alive.

The album, released on January 8, created a brutal aura honing on their ability to create hard music with hints of a melody in-between adding diversity to their sound.

Openinging track “Martyrdom for the heart” focuses on deep, screaming vocals, which continue throughout the record. Tracks such as “Human Stupidity” feature roaring guitars alongside intense drum lines that keep listeners on their toes throughout the record.

As listeners make their way down the record, they’ll find “The Religious Dogma,”  honing in on their punishing hooks and deep-rooted sounds in death metal. 

The record ends on “Sea of Thoughts,” following the same blueprint that has been created throughout the record, while adding a sense of cinematic themes. With an ascending introduction leading into an explosion of black metal, the track leads as an outro, setting vocals aside and shining a light on their instrumental ability.

Beyond Human Concepts showcases high-production throughout the entire record, and the music alone tells stories, leaving fans wanting more from Nihility.

Photo courtesy of Nihility

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