Bandcamp of the Day: No Chemistry

Ben Murray, whom you may know from Heartsounds and Light This City, as well as being the owner of Creator Destructor Records, has been making music with friends and for friends most of his life. No Chemistry is his first solo foray and our Bandcamp of the Day!

Murray released his latest album Dead Wait as No Chemistry on May 29, 2020 and it reveals an all-around much cleaner sound presence from the extreme-metal loving punk rocker. Although Murray may have been wearing his Bolt Thrower or Entombed t-shirt while recording Dead Wait, he explores much softer components of rock music, using No Chemistry as an outlet to create catchy, honest, and emotive songs to chill out to.

Dead Wait track list:

1. Wall of Sound
2. Oncoming Storm
3. Dead Wait (feat. Laura Nichol)
4. Your Problem Now
5. Interlude
6. Backwards
7. Underneath It All
8. Long Awaited

Purchase Dead Wait here.

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