Bandcamp of the Day: Noctambulist

The Barren Form is the second LP from Denver-born, blackened death metal band Noctambulist. Their sound pulses with subterranean violence, drilling ever further into the cavity of the human soul with a relentless drive that can only be mustered through abandoning oneself to a hopeless purpose.

Their undulating tumults of Ulcerated grooves, cyclopean howls, and the auger of unremitting percussion will leave a quarry—like hole in you, into which all the despair and arrant doubt you’ve attempted to discard throughout your life will drain back and pool in a septic pond of repression. The swelling plumes of cold, ashen climate that crystallized around the Noctambulist’s sound on their previous release Atmospheres of Desolation like a shield of blood and amber is still a discernable asset to the band’s sound here, but the essence of The Barren Form lies not in it’s dark and twisted textures and filigrees, but in the persistent, pained stirring at its core.

This record is a restless, unnerving zeal and perpetual revolt. A body haunted by its own ghost, restless like a cyclon, longing to know the sanctuary of oblivion and abolition of annihilation. The Barren Form is nothing if not a prayer for a total and final release.

Buy and stream The Barren Form via Bandcamp below: 

The Barren Form is out via Willowtip Records. 

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