Bandcamp of the Day: Old Iron

Old Iron are a doom band from Seattle, Washington and have recently released a new video for track “Strix Nebulosa.”

The song gives off an eerie feeling within its introduction and carries on the feeling of dreary stagnancy alongside deep, growling vocals, honing in on their unique sound.

The track can be found on their split with Verdun and features one other track, “Planetesimal.” This track follows the same formula as the song that came before it, matching each other’s warped sounds, creating a sense of unity between the two.

This split comes off the heels of the band’s 2022 release, Cordyceps. The record embodies an ever-looming feeling of dingy music that plays out in a thematic way. Old Iron hone in on their form of sludge-doom, embracing their creativity that draws listeners in. 

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