Bandcamp of the Day: Pagan Altar

Pagan Altar are a heavy metal band blending ’70s influences together to cultivate their unique sounds.

The band have recently released their new record, The Story of Pagan Altar, via Nameless Grave Records.

The 11-track record embodies sultry sounds that dance together, making for a cohesive pairing. The Story of Pagan Altar features previously unheard recordings placed together on this comprehensive compilation. Fans can hear rare rehearsals, demos and singles from 1976 onwards.

Songs like “Nowhere (As ‘Liquid Gas’ 1976)” fuels a nostalgic fire, highlighting muffled sounds and stand-out vocals, laced with an underlying feeling of a far-our catchiness locking in the feeling of the band’s music.

The band continue their genuine feeling of overall rawness on tracks such as “the Black Mass” (1983) stemming from guitar riffs and prominent vocals that are sure to hook fans in.

The record closes out on “Narcissus (2007 single),” on which fans can note the progression of the band at the end of The Story of Pagan Altar. The single is crisp with an honest energy that doesn’t fade away. This is the perfect end to the historic record.

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