Bandcamp of the Day: Pet Fox

You could be forgiven for thinking that Pet Fox was a band from Arizona, or elsewhere out West, from the cover of their debut EP, More Than Anything. Surprisingly, (to me at least) they’re a Boston band. And not even just any Boston band either. Their roster includes members of shoegaze and indie garage acts Ovlov and Palehound, specifically comprised of vocalist and guitarist Theo Hartlett, bassist Morgan Luzzi, and drummer Jesse Weiss. Their sound is a very deliberate repurposing of ’90s indie rock sounds into a post ’10’s indie boom world. The production on this short EP is really good and you’re not going to get that thin, chopped feel of those early Dinosaur JR records. Instead, the band is able to achieve the same deep range of sound with these recordings that made those early Surfer Blood records sound so penetrating. The record starts off with the sandy, surfy scramble “Imagine Why,” then coasts through the toe-tapping and clean-shaven chord progressions of “Take Note,” and bounces out of sight after delivering a message in a heartfelt style of Superchunk-esque, hug-and-hold pop-punk on “Limited Me.” Delightful, brief, and a positive sign of good things yet to come.

Buy and stream More Than Anything below:

More Than Anything is out now via Exploding In Sound Records. 

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