Bandcamp of the Day: Portrayal of Guilt / Chat Pile

The insidious, Austin-based metalcore band Portrayal of Guilt have teamed up with Okie noise and sludge pariah Chat Pile for a split that will loosen your grip on reality … as well as the connective tissue that fused your skin to your muscles.

The two-track salvo was recorded in Denton last September and sees the lead singers of both bands trading vocals in an acrid exchange and spillover of agitated regurgitant and angst. Not that either band needed the helping creating a passage of sound that resembles a panicked sluice into a man-sized blender—but hey, it’s fun to play with friends.

“Touched by an Angel” is Portrayal of Guilt’s side, a track that sees the band developing a warped and fibrous groove while ratcheting up a tension that eventually traps you in a bone liberating cyclone and dance with the angel of death, a distressed, mortality facing conflagration, braced by elements of death metal, sludge, and death rock.

Chat Pile’s contribution is titled “Brutal Truth,” a gambol of the damned set to a temp to curling, slowly melting industrial beats—a grotesque clatter that struggles to keep pace with the manic, barely lucid pontifications of vocalist Raygun Busch-—an aspect of the track which sounds like it was recorded in a metal box that was being lowered into a well full of septic water.

The guitar work on this track is simply horrible and perfect, sounding like Child Bite if they had been clandestinely dosed with the acid those bikers had in Panos Cosmatos’s Mandy.

If you ever wanted to know what it might be like to take a potato peeler to your own brain, this split might be as close as you’ll get without suffering irreparable cognitive impairment.

Buy and stream the split below via Bandcamp:

Vinyl variants are available here.

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