Bandcamp of the Day: Reek Minds

Reek Minds is a Portland hardcore band with a taste for chaos and a surprisingly strong sense of melody. They unveiled themselves to the world with their well-received self-titled 7″ which dropped via Edger Records in 2020, and have now followed it up with an equally brazen 7″ titled Rabid out on 11PM Records. Just looking at the cover, an image of a man overwhelmed by a spectral wall and personified death, whose brain is literally boiling over out of his skull as it splits open like a hardboiled egg with a cracked shell, you’ll probably be able to guess what is in store for you here.

Reek Minds plays ’80s hardcore with the speed of a grindcore band and the animalistic abandon of goodwill and optimism a la late ’90s power violence. Rabid will stomp you into the pavement from the outset leaving the county coroner to identify your numerous causes of death, from Siege induced contusions, traumatic Poison Idea produced hemorrhaging, acute Die Kruzen cause lung collapse, and numerous advanced Infest rendered vascular skull fractures. Listening to Rabid really does feel like being Bart in his first encounter with Nelson Muntz in “Bart the General,” where you are made to eat a baseball cap, stuffed in a trash can, and kicked down a hill, watching the world tumble past you as you contemplate your humiliation.

The tempo shifts on Rabid come at you incredibly fast, and are pretty devastating when they hit, but aren’t entirely unpredictable. As I mentioned before, the band has a very strong sense of melody, and the grooves link up in such as way that they form a logical, if extreme, progression. You can tell that the song is about to make a shift a couple of seconds before it happens, but until you’ve heard the song before (and for the next couple of replays frankly) you’ll probably be taken aback by the force in which it dives into another direction, and you’ll be surprised at how willing you will be to follow them there. Rabid is as nibble as it is fierce, bludgeoning, and cruel. It’s also a god damned good time.

Buy and stream Rabid via Bandcamp below:

Get a copy of Rabid via 11PM Records here.

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