Bandcamp of the Day: Shape of Despair

Shape of Despair are a funeral doom metal band from Finland who have recently released their newest album, Return To The Void.

The record is a follow-up to the band’s 2016 record Alone In The Mist and their 2015 release Monotony Fields.

“Not long after Monotony Fields, I started composing for Return to the Void,” says guitarist Jarno Salomaa. “At first, the title song sounded too primitive. I thought I would make a solo album out of it, but after a while, the song reminded me of older RAVEN material. Naturally and eventually, it started to feel like a Shape of Despair song.”

The record kicks off with title track “Return To The Void,” the song leans into the band ability to create a dark and foggy atmosphere, showcasing deep rumbling screams against theatrical music.

Other tracks such as “Solitary Downfall” highlight a ringing sensation place against the thematic screams that are laced throughout the record.

The album comes to an end on “The Inner Desolation;” the track fits the format of the other songs on the record featuring more of a melody pieced together with a spacious aura, making a good fit for an ending track.

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