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Schema is the stunning debut EP from LA’s Sour Blue, a morphological musical maelstrom of calming tones and moods. The LA band combined the visual and sonic talents of Kyle McKay,  John Warlick, Chris Cubbison,  Kris Pitzek and Devin Bierman, all of whom have shared space in electronic and experimental projects as varied as Plysonic Bloom and CGI Dog. The embryo of Schema began to take shape over the course of a handful of emails between its members in 2020, eventually growing legs and the will to run the full gambit of the band member’s influences, becoming a versatile vessel for their ambitions, including film and visualizations. An example of which you can find below: 

Sour Blue’s interests in music range from IDM, to ambient music, and through shoegaze, and on to tape manipulation projects. While all of these elements find a home on Schema, it is the shoegaze that takes center stage. There is an undeniable drive and momentum to these tracks that demonstrates that Sour Blue isn’t afraid to take a pop song structure and embellish them and make them sound fresh and original. Their softness and reminds me a little bit of Slowdive and the patient-bending guitars that are heard under the layers of ambiance on tracks like  “Penny Dreadfuls” and “Oil Lamp” have a slight lysergic taint to them, which emits highly transportive vibes, reminiscent of  South American shoegazers of the Iguana Lovers variety. If you are looking for something that will move your soul as well as your feet, there is plenty of tricky, Amon Tobin inspired crossfading beats, tones, and rhythms on tracks like “Tomorrow’s Rain” and the sugary role of emotion and blended sonic emulsions on “Resnia.”

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