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Spooky Tavi is a fairly prolific, psychedelic songwriter out of LA who really gets the vibe right for this style of pop music on his latest releasee Hyperdrive. That is, pop music chemically engineered to cultivate purple mushrooms and rainbow pattern moss on the inside of your skull. The resonate cascade of hyper-sensory tones and never-ending twilight spark of his synth melodies you will encounter on this album never fail to impress in how they collapse inwards as they fold outward, forming a wormhole through a tesseract of extensively textured harmonic tapestry.

It’s a sound Spooky Tavi achieves without making concessions to the now dominant conception of psychedelia as just another form of rock music. No, things get much weirder than that. Instead, Spooky Tavi appears to take it as his goal to construct a sense chamber of sound in which to submerge one’s consciousness, to deprive it of worldly distraction and to permit it to delight in the feeling of itself expanding into a larger cerebral bowl. If your conscious mind was a goldfish, Spooky Tavi is going to transport it to a place where it can swell to the size of a beluga.

Hyperdrive is Spooky’s second album and follow-up to 2016’s Tetragrammaton. This latest release is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, not interested in keeping its soles on terra firma any longer than it has to. The opening track “Remind Me To Remember” resembles an expanse of sky, riveted with beams of pure starlight, spools of energy that churn and dazzle like they are attempting to knead the cosmos into cotton candy.

“Smi²le” blends Turkish melodies with shaving of a solar eclipse to construct a valiantly groovy space galleon on which to take you on a personal, orbital trek. Later, “Bossasupernova” collapses Latin rhythms performed on an acoustic guitar, crushing them into a cool talcum to smear across your temples and calm your nerves, while the title track takes a decidedly more active approach to altering your mood, by dipping your ears into the indigo pools at the base of a disappearing fountain protruding from the side of magma covered dwarf planet, a feat it accomplishes with insistent and pliable rhythms and the beckoning gravity of a generously amicable melody. If you’re looking to book a mental vacation in the near future, make sure to preload Hyperdrive before you disembark.

Buy and stream Hyperdrive via Bandcamp below:

You can also get a copy of Hyperdrive on cassette via Doom Trip Records here.

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