Bandcamp of the Day: Straw Man Army

Straw Man Army are an indie-rock band who have recently released their new record SOS.

The band unites a refreshing take on modernizing rock music with punches of punk aligned with indie-undertones filling a void within this genre.

The band kicks off the record with a light instrumental title track,“SOS” creating an intriguing moment as the record is set to progress. “Human Kind” comes in next, highlighting crisp melodies, each instrument standing out among one-another.

“State of The Art” comes barreling in, the track provides a stagnant sound that ascends into a faster beat that you can feel. Vocals are quick, providing moments of talking and smooth singing.

Other tracks such as “Day 94” releases a dignified dynamic, the tracks is lighter in sound and puts-forth tortured vocals in an uneven yet setteling way. The band flirts with different elements of music making the track feel whole.

Farther down the record fans will find “Jerusalem Syndrome,” the guitar based track hones in on the band’s abrupt nature with choppy vocals laced alongside instantaneous hooks.

The record ends on “The Right To Be” following the blueprint of the record’s introduction track, “SOS” being strictly instrumental, the track adds a little more music emphasizing their sound and drawing the record to a graceful close. 

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