Bandcamp of the Day: The Feral Young

The Feral Young are a rock band from Turku Finland.

The trio have been together since 2016 and have recently release their new record, Chaos Comforts. The band create their own sound, drawing influence from ’90s distorted guitars and punk-rock. Their energy is high, and their sound is loud, filling listeners with their sense of originality.

Chaos Comforts conveys their strategic way of filling spacious gaps in music with large melodies that are placed perfectly alongside smooth transitions.

Songs such as “Reconstruct Me” features relaxed vocals that ascend as the song plays along. Drums are prominent making for a stand-out track. Other songs like “In Through the out Crowd” enter with dramatics, and it explodes into an echoing force that drives the song to become a melody ridden frenzy. 

The record ends on “No Love,” adding dynamic to the record, the song amplifies the use of sounds, dressing all edges of the track with gritty hooks that lay nicely against bold vocals.

Chaos Comforts embodies just that, tracks layered with turmoil with a sense of familiarity making for a comfortable sound.

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