Bandcamp of the Day: The Lord

SUNN O guitarist, curator of Goatsnake and Southern Lord Greg Anderson, is set to release his full-length album, Forest Nocturne, under project name The Lord.

The album is due out as a special LP Record Store Day release, then on digital and further LP formats on July 29.

Fans will follow Anderson as he takes cues from film composers John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann, formulating  cinematic soundscapes that deliver a feeling of heaviness in a sense of disarray as tracks carry the aura of early-’90’s Scandinavian death metal.

Fans can hear single, “Forest Nocturne” now. The track puts-forth eerie distortions surrounding guitars and deep-groveling vocals that swarm around the darkness portrayed in the track.

Forest Nocturne tracklisting:

  1.  “THEME”
  2. “ Church of Herrmann”
  3. “ Lefthand Lullaby I”
  4.  “Lefthand Lullaby II”
  5. “ Forest Wake”
  6. “ Deciduous”
  7. “ Old Growth”
  8. “Triumph of the Oak” 

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