Bandcamp of the Day: The Reflecting Skin

The Reflecting Skin are a hardcore band from Leeds, UK.

The band has recently released their debut self-titled EP, The Reflecting Skin.

The record embodies blasts of sound strung together in a buzzing way. The band creates an atmosphere of anarchy while sprinkling each track with their own familiarity.

Kicking of with the bold “Ceramic Rash,” listeners ears are filled with a crisp static placed nicely alongside echoing vocals that present dominance.

“Limb Off” features roar guitars that are placed against muffled sounds placed in their bold music.
Next,  “IMA-IW-BF” filters in with climbing melodies that present themselves in a noisy way, showcasing sounds that are choppy not to take away from the integrity of the track.

“Split Wires” comes swiftly behind the “IMA-IW-BF” which is a disarray transitional track adding a chaos to the mix of sounds found on the record.

The EP closes out on “Nocturnal Cough,” The track is packed with turmoil that start off hectic in sounds and descends into guitars and strong vocals that fade away as the song comes to an end. The song captures the overall tumultuous nature of The Reflecting Skin. 

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