Bandcamp of the Day: Thirsty Curses

Thirsty Curses are a rock band from Raleigh, NC and have recently released their newest record, To the Ends of the Earth.

The fourth studio record, recorde mostly at the band’s frontman, Wilson Getchell’s home studio alongside spending days at Bias Studios in Northern Virginia recording 3 songs.

The record blends subgenres throughout. The band has utilized tracks that began being written in 2008 such as “Baptist and a Rabbi” and finalizing the track for the record and ultimately closing out of To the Ends of the Earth. The track hones in on the use of piano in a catchy, smooth way.

Other tracks on the record such as “What The Hell” come in on a mellow pace that creates a sense of tranquility adding depth to the record.

“Jenny” chucks along with the use of acoustic guitars lined with an upbeat piano.

To the Ends of the Earth puts together memorable tunes, keeping listeners coming back for more.

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