Bandcamp of the Day: Trappers Cabin

Quietly crafting in the mountains of Northern Georgia, ascetic singer and songwriter Joel Nettesheim has been diligently carving his dreams into sounds under the name Trappers Cabin for decades.

Over the course of the first quarter of this millennia, he has uncorked from his head and into the studio 14 separate albums. On his latest, a self-titled, Joel has taken his calmly assertive treading of Beatles-influenced, country melodies and pop-parsing, Niel Young-esque guitar and colored it with a more transcendent shade of the psychedelic rainbow.

This is folk music for tripping along the cobblestones and stars that line the Milky Way, art rock for whittling statuettes of dead rock stars and Martians out of salvaged church pews. Space rock for a Sunday drive out with the kids and your spouse with the dog in tow. Beguiling in its earnestness, the album feels almost quaint in its lack of ambition in the face of overachievement. These are catchy, wigged-out folk-pop songs that you might just catch yourself singing along with on your very first listen. Some people just have a knack for that kind of writing, and Joel is undoubtedly one such human being.

Buy and Stream Trappers Cabin below via Bandcamp: Follow them on Bandcamp.

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