Bandcamp of the Day: Tyrannus

Tyrannus are a scottish, thrash-metal band who have announced the release of their debut album, Unslayable, via True Cult Records.

On the record listeners will find single, “A Worse Reality,” the track exudes a dark and heavy atmosphere, alongside hints of melody. Vocals are stressed across screams as it transcends into a bolder feeling. 

“There’s something so satisfying about the way Tyrannus meld heavy metal moments like that and balances them so well with the black metal underpinnings that keep their engine pumping.” The band says about the new song. “The production has improved markedly on this release but that kind of balance allows the band to maintain their razor-sharp edge and compromise nothing in their pursuit of vicious, cold, and grandiose black metal.”

Unslayable will be out April 1, Pre-orders for the record are now available.

This release is a follow up to previous 3-track demo, which feature 3 tracks, “The Flood,” “It Taketh” and “Lake of the Undying,” each track submerges listeners’ ears into a swarm of a murky overcast done in a melodic manner. 

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