Bandcamp of the Day: Yōkai

Yōkai is an LA-based hardcore band who have hit the pavement like a deranged pitbull. This beast has broken free from the enclosure of their chicken-wire prison to eat trash, kick open hydrants, flip over cars like box turtles, and generally be as much of a menace to society as their name would imply. These kings of the block have a new record out called Nostalgicated, and it is a battering ram of ill intent, combining the loose and bracing of lurch of Trash Talk’s car-jaker thrash, with the spike and bit of Trapped Under Ice’s breath-stealing approach to urban hardcore, and the black-out inducing punch of Vulgar Display of Power-era Pantera grooves.

If you want to get your ass kicked, then step right up. The second track on Nostalgicated offers a stampeding, adrenaline crank of a guitar riff that serves to churn up the intensity of the track to the point where any circle-pit shark is likely to crush their heels trying to keep up with its face-first, concrete bouncing, divebomber grooves. “Jagged Teeth” has a more gutter thrash stomp-groove approach, that is periodically propelled into the air by an artfully timed, aggression primed, hardcore-hesher beat. “Tearz” takes this stamping rhythm style and drives it through the downpour of an emotional breakdown with vocals that split custody between Mike Muir and Tom Sheehan of Indecision. The Muir comparisons continue to be applicable on “Off-Brand Control” where they’re paired with a very on-brand Anthrax-esque groove, which is followed by the equally mendacious, pit shredder “Neanderthal.” It’s worth listening to the album the whole way through for late-game highlights like the searing, scar-forming whip and snap-rap brooder “My Favorit Hoodie” and the Black Flag waving, gang-vocal heavy, spine-compressing, pile on of “J & G.”

Let the spirit of wanton destruction compel you to give Nostalgicated a spin. You can check out the full album and purchase it below via Bandcamp.

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