Behind The Scenes: King The Kid at the El Rey Theatre in LA

Our photographer Elise Shively ( recently went Behind-The-Scenes with King The Kid ( at their recent tour stop in Los Angeles. Check it out below!

L to R: Jose Mostajo, David Michael Frank, Ricky Ficarelli

I arrived at the El Rey Theatre around 5pm and there was already a decent sized line out front. David met me at the front entrance and walked me inside; Jose and Ricky were around somewhere. It took a little while to gather everyone together to snap the above photo. David and I talked a bit. They were all getting over some pretty bad colds (which I caught) so the pre-show hangs were pretty tame.

The guys hung out with the fans outside for awhile. There were a lot of girls asking for photos and autographs. They talked to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, even though they weren’t feeling well. It was cute; they’re the nicest.

Ricky eating some chicken noodle soup.
David showing me his fancy contraption thingy he got to help him breathe better. Looked like a blender you stick your face in. No thank you.
Hanging out. That’s David’s girlfriend.

The drummer from Goldfinger, Darrin Pfeiffer, and a music lawyer (not pictured) came by to talk business with the guys. By the sound of it, these kids are going places.

King The Kid’s Set

Loading out, exhausted, and talking about the show. David’s voice started to give out towards the end, but it didn’t stop them from giving a fun, energetic performance.

A DJ stops by to do a video interview with the guys

I wouldn’t be surprised if King the Kid signs to a label within the next six months or so. They’ve definitely got a lot of people interested in them, and they sound great!  |  |

Go here for King The Kid tour dates & info.

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