Best of Hardcore 2022: Your Spirit Dies

Columbian metalcore group Your Spirit Dies bring their list of favorite hardcore releases of 2022. Check out the fine selections below here:

A Mourning Star – To See Your Beauty Fade

From the minute they dropped their first single, I was hooked on this band. Giving serious first album, Skycamefalling/Tribunal Records bands energy, I couldn’t wait to hear more from them. This EP is short and sweet, so one would be remiss if they stopped there. Releasing a split with Serration and another excellent single, I would lump these with the EP to get the full experience of what this band has managed to do in 2022.

Moral Law – The Looming End

The last few years have seen a surge in vegan edge bands, and I have to say that Moral Law are one of my favorites from this wave. The record is nestled somewhere between H8000 and Undying with a heavier hardcore tinge. I love to hear metalcore like this with solid guitar work, really recalling those Tribunal Records bands of yesteryear. The middle breakdown of “Abolitionist”: I need say no more.

Envision – And Still…

I found out about this record a little while after it had been out but it grabbed me immediately. Eighties-style riffing, great lyrics, and killer melody, this is like arena hardcore. Also, the track “Beyond” has a straight-up Iron Maiden-style guitar solo, and it rips.

A Knife in the Dark – One Way Needle

This record is vicious in the best way. Breakneck tempo changes, crushing grooves, and some incredible dive bomb work make this one of my favorite records this year. Carolina hardcore, baby.

Dr. Acula – S/T

I grew up listening to DA. Below Me and Slander were both albums I had fun with, but this new album is phenomenal. It’s awesome to see them come back and better than ever, showing they can work as a serious band. My favorite track is “The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight.”

The Callous Daoboys – Celebrity Therapist

These folks put on one of the best live performance I’ve seen in a while! Their album is incredibly insane and meshes together a bunch of styles and influences that, if in another band’s hands, may not otherwise work. Any fan of mathy music should be checking out The Daoboys. My favorite track is “What Is Delicious? Who Swarms?”

Gates To Hell – S/T

This record is everything I want a death metal/hardcore infused record to sound like. Each riff on this record serves a purpose and the songwriting is second to none for the genre. The fast parts are fast and diabolical, and the slower parts make me want to beat my head into a wall. Ryan’s vocal delivery is nothing short of maniacal, and lyrical placements are on some big-brained shit.

Boundaries – Burying Brightness

This band has yet to disappoint me in any aspect, but this new record is damn near perfection. I love the use of melodies and song structure. Matt is hands-down one of my favorite vocalists in the game. His delivery and lyrical content are incomparable to most in this world of heavy. Randy Lebouf absolutely killed this mix. Heavy, atmospheric, and melodic. It has everything one would need while checking out a heavy record.

Counterparts – A Eulogy For Those Still Here

This band are always consistent, and the new record is no different. The riffs are everywhere; the drums are crazy, and the songwriting is as strong as ever. I loved the slightly bigger emphasis on melody with the cleans while still remaining heavy as ever. Counterparts simply doesn’t disappoint.

Vatican – ULTRA

To say Vatican have expanded as a band since their inception is an understatement. With this record, they’ve taken what made them great before and injected it with a concoction of gnarly influences. Metalcore with slight prog tendencies, but never leaning into modern djent cheese. It’s an insane listen front to back and will satisfy multiple types of heavy music fans.

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Photo courtesy of Your Spirit Dies

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