Brett Newski Names His Favorite Singers Who “Can’t Sing”

Brett Newski shares the singers he enjoys that “can’t sing.” Brett comments on this list:

I’ve always been a huge fan of singers who “cant sing” in a conventional sense of the word. They are anti-heroes in a sense. The shakiness in their voice is what makes them unique, identifiable, and great. 🙂 It’s all that isn’t American Idol, hallelujah.

You can get your hands on Newski’s new album American Folk Armageddon here, as well as check out the video for “Dirt” below.

Brett Newski tour dates

Without further adieu…

Favorite Singers Who “Can’t Sing”

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad: “Gift of the Magi 2”

2. Violent Femmes: “Kiss Off”

3. Ezra Furman “Take off you Sunglasses”

4. Titus Andronicus: “No Future Part III”

5. Paul Baribeau

6. Andrew Jackson Jihad: “Self Esteem”

Speaking of Andrew Jackson Jihad, click the cover below to get the AJJ cover issue of New Noise Magazine!

Issue 10 - AJJ cover small

And before you go, check out this tour video from Brett Newski, circa 2012…

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