The Devil Wears Prada vocalist Mike Hranica Names His “Top Ten Veg Spots”

Vegetarianism has treated me wonderfully for years now, much in part to the below list of terrific veggie-friendly eateries that I frequent while out on tour (although some of these places do serve meat).  I’m astounded by those who don’t spend the energy to eat with awareness, and I can promise that I go about my dietary choices with diligent understanding.  Mentioning this is not in a notion of arrogance or the “I think I’m better than you because I don’t eat meat” attitude, but only because of my utter adoration of food and drink. With that said, I very highly recommend grabbing a meal at one (or all) of the below terrific eateries.*

10. Green Sprout // Atlanta, GA  –

Green Sprout Atlanta

9. Katalina’s // Columbus, OH –

Katalina's Columbus OH

8. Sweet Yams // San Antonio, TX –

Sweet Yams San Antonio

7. Hot Diggity Dogs // Nashville, TN –

Hot Diggity Dogs Nashville

6. Palomino Bar // Milwaukee, WI –

Palomino Bar Milwuakee

5. The Green Door // Charleston, SC –

The Green Door Charleston

4. Bartertown Diner // Grand Rapids, MI –

Bartertown Diner Grand Rapids

3. The Farm & Junior’s Cafe (I can’t decide which I love more) // Portland, OR //

The Farm - Juniors Cafe Portland

2. Red Bamboo // New York, NY –

Red Bamboo New York

1. Watercourse // Denver, CO –

Watercourse Denver

*Please note that the above is US-only, and with exception to Chicago.  If I included favorites from my home in The Windy City, the list would be endless.

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