DIY Spotlight: Brian Gorsegner of Wired Booking (Night Birds)

Interview with founder Brian Gorsegner | Words & Photo By Joshua Maranhas

When a band like Night Birds play live, with so much raw power and fury, there’s one word to describe it: passion.

Brian Gorsegner has it. He brings it to the stage, and he shares it with the punk fans. It can be argued that WIRED Booking helps him share his passion for the punk rock community too.

“The DIY network that’s been built in the punk scene over the past however-many years is a really incredible thing,” Gorsegner says. “You meet all these people who put in a ton of work just for the love of punk and the bands. If your car broke down, imagine having the option to take it to someone who didn’t care about getting all of your money but just wanted the opportunity to work on it, just because they loved putting in a new transmission! Wouldn’t that be a better option than taking it to someone who you need to worry is going to take advantage and rip you off?”

“Now, I’m not saying everyone who owns a club is a shady mechanic, and I myself charge a fee for my services, so I’m not suggesting everyone—or anyone, for that matter—work for free,” he notes, “but I think there’s a really great middle ground of ‘pro punk’ types with DIY ethos who are the best at this stuff and do it for a living.”

Gorsegner books bands. He currently has a tight 10-band roster of really deserving music from Modern Life Is War to PEARS to Bad Cop / Bad Cop. He gives his best effort to what he does. “I like booking and being thoughtful and strategic about it,” he says. “I like working with bands who I’m friends with [and] who have a similar vision with all of this stuff as I do. Sure, it can be difficult and challenging at times, but that’s any job, I suppose. I find it to be really rewarding overall.”

WIRED Booking is not just business to Gorsegner: these are his friends and bands he’s really into helping achieve mutual success. “I’ve been playing in bands myself since 1998, and I did all of my bands’ booking until Night Birds got our first agent, maybe around 2014 or so,” he explains. “So, in those 16 years, I played in a lot of bands and went on a lot of tours, and I was always the one setting that shit up. Through doing all of that, I made a bunch of friends, and now, I’m fortunate enough to work with some of them doing their booking. I’m pretty sure I booked some of the first-ever out-of-town gigs for Modern Life Is War when they were starting, and now, here we are 15 or 16 years later, and I’m handling their booking duties. So, it all kind of comes full circle.”

The circle began in New Jersey almost 20 years ago. It’s do-it-yourself, and Gorsegner does what he does because he loves it. “I was booking tours for my own bands and booking shows in various VFW halls and whatnot around New Jersey in the early 2000s,” he says. “I wouldn’t really say it has blown up, but I turned it into my full-time job a bit over a year ago now.”

Retrospectively, as a punk in Jersey back in what some consider “the day,” Gorsegner concludes, “It was tough getting shows when I was a teenager and just figuring out how this stuff worked, but if you were genuinely into it and you just kept showing up at shows and making friends and being supportive, people would generally be supportive in return.”

Looking toward the future of punk rock and WIRED Booking, he adds, “It’s much easier now. [It] would be cool if WIRED just continues to grow and I can work with more badass bands that I dig. I’d love to never have a boss again.”

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