Drainage Tour Diary #2 (The Trek Through South By Southwest)

Drainage are hitting the road for a South By Southwest tour and are teaming up New Noise Magazine to bring forth a tour diary to showcase how their lives will change while out on the road… 


Our first night was a success. Such an ideal first night of tour! All of the bands were so killer and such great dudes. The Lunchbox was a great host as well. Rad little venue! We met up with friends and some of the other bands after the show at a bar called Bikini Lounge. (The dudes of course were bummed to find no women in bikinis) The bar was having a resident “boogie night” so needless to say we drank way too many beers and some of us boogied for sure. A friend put us up for the night so no driving till the am. Couldn’t have been a better first night on the road. Let’s hope they are all the rad. — Denise, bassist Drainage


So El Paso was a bust…the show never happened and the venue and whole situation was super weird and served the gnarliest food that made us pretty sick actually. The hotel stay was a much needed shower/bed.

We took off the next morning at 4:30 am for our long as trek from El Paso to New Orleans. This was the gnarliest of van rides 20 hours total. We drove the entire day which felt like 3 days In between the naps and the stops and periods of music, talking, laughing and chaos then periods of sleep, silence anxiety/ frustration. Delirium set in about 2 hours before New Orleans. We made it in around midnight, parked the van at a friends house and went straight to Frenchman street to meet some friends working in some bars in town. Needless to say it was sensory overload getting into New Orleans on a Friday night after 20 hours in the van. This was for sure our party night. After recovering and exploring the town and record shopping we made our way to Santos bar for the show. Once again such rad bands and such rad people the local band Ramosa and Cave of Swimmers… SO FUCKING GOOD. After a power nap and almost leaving one of our friends behind we headed to Austin Just in time for Mom and the mailman to check in for his show. Talk about some of the nicest, most supportive people at The Lost Well! Show was amazing and our music was well received which was a huge plus for being so exhausted. Already plans to be back in Austin in the near future. So stoked on how the shows went. We want more. Now that we got our first taste of the road as a band we are ready for what’s next. Drainage and Mom and the Mailman will be back to the south soon. Exploring in Austin a bit today before we head back west.



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