Essay: The City I See In My Dreams – Music, War, and Odessa

The city that I see in my dreams. Not on fire, but in a dream.  A city that exists between heaven and earth, between sea and land. 

Beautiful Odessa, which was under attack in the war of Russian fascism against Ukraine, like all other cities. And for 60 days he lives in a sense of constant danger. Failed landings of Russian fascists, missile attacks on infrastructure facilities, constant air alarms of the city and the region—all this is a reality. 

Curfew as a way of containment and control. All this was brought to Ukraine and Odessa by Russian fascism. 

The Ukrainian people in this confrontation write its history of the present, and this confrontation has been going on for eight years, since the winter of 2014, when Russia occupied Crimea and set fire to the Donbass, aggravating it deeper and deeper over time. 

The Russian monster devours what it cannot take away, and even then, it devours that. But Ukraine is a European country, and all the medieval horror of its animal neighbor is alien to it, so this war has a completely historical liberation character for us. 

In this situation, culture does not always win, but it can and is able to withstand horror and cruelty. The murder of civilians in Ukraine will never be forgotten; there is no forgiveness for the Russian fascists, forever. No one will return our dead; no one will return the children in Mariupol, Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel, Sumy, Chernigov, Kyiv, Kharkov, Kramatorsk, and other places. No one will return the thousands of dead who just wanted to meet the spring of 2022 alive. 

Culture does not save anyone, but it is the essence of the unity of the context of time and the point aspect of social circumstances. This she asserts and fixes, she can and must resist destruction and murder. 

There is a war going on in Ukraine now, and the cultural front is resisting as best it can. In the southern city, in Odessa, a small, independent club, More Music Club makes a series of online broadcasts in support of the armed forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense of Odessa and the region. Odessa bands play—Strait Jacket, Concrete Control, Floodlight, KingPin, and others. 

Above: MMC online: Wild Weed & Suara.  – MMC online: Strait Jacket & Concrete Control  – MMC online: Strait Jacket & Concrete Control  – MMC online: Floodlight 

It is a little thing, but still it has the proper effect for time and history, which, as you know, does not require any delay. 

Sasha Proletarskyi

The Ukrainian musical underground has quite a distinct potential. This has already been proven by such formations as White Ward (they are preparing their third album, which will be released this June), 1914, Stoned Jesus, Somali Yacht Club (they released their new, third album this April) and others. And they will prove it to themselves and others in the future. 

Today, Odessa was again shelled with winged pieces of death, which, among other things, fell into multi-story buildings. There are dead, including a three-month-old baby, many injured. This is the hell that Russian fascism brings.

When these winged pieces of death fly over your house, there is a rumble comparable to the sound of a saw or emery. Today is Orthodox Easter, but there is no God, because he died in the midst of blind humiliation and humility. He became powerless in this war; the biblical people are already completely different and they will win, and with them, new cultural codes will be born that will open the meaning of the future. 

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