Exclusive: Hatchet Tour Diary – On The Road with Doyle – Chapter 4

Hatchet have hit the road for a tour across the United States opening for Doyle, and in the spirit of keeping the world informed, we’re hosting a tour diary with the band. Check out the fourth entry below, and go here for all their tour dates and ticket info.

Captain’s Log: Chapter 4

Salt Lake City is a strange place. The best way I could describe it would be it feels like if you were facing a city block and tried to walk around the buildings, you’d discover that they were just plywood – like a two-dimensional Hollywood prop. Remember when James Franco found out that the fruit stands were fake in The Interview? …but maybe I’m a little far off comparing Utah to North Korea.

It just feels…eerie…

Hatchet tour diary 4-1
Ben: “Sleeping Beauty”

It’s always weird seeing a bigger turnout on a Thursday (Colorado Springs) over a Friday, but the people that love heavy music in SLC seem to feel as isolated as I do in the city. Obviously there’s a huge sense of community at metal shows, but this one in particular made me remember the ‘outcast’ vibe that makes the metal scene such a safe haven.

After Salt Lake, we hit Idaho Falls. Oddly enough, it turned out to be potentially the best show of the tour (so far). Here, we had the perfect storm of awesome: a city full of people who don’t get to see a lot of tours come through town, a GOOD local band that busted ass and moved tickets, and a promoter that actually PROMOTED. Beer was a-flowin’ and pits were a-circlin’ all night.

Hatchet tour diary 4-2
Doyle Idaho

The next day we froze our assets off in Bozeman, Montana. I walked into the venue and immediately thought, “Oh GREAT. They put us in the fuckin’ event center.” (Little did I know that thought was really a premonition). But even though the venue was a taaaaaad big, it filled up pretty fast and it was even the first venue on tour with a shower – fancy!

Hatchet tour diary 4-3
Bozeman Crowd

The only thing memorable about the next show in Billings were the people. They were all super rad, but one girl in particular stood out. She sneak attacked me with a huge hug and it scared me so bad that after I shit myself, I didn’t hear her say that it was her birthday. All I could choke out was, “cool man, glad you liked the show, I gotta go help Family Ruin load off now!” And then I ran away.

…charming and smooth as always. If you’re reading this, happy birthday!

Tomorrow we’ve got a headliner in Cheyenne, Wyoming. METAL.

– Clayton

Hatchet tour diary 4-4
Scenic Downtown Billings
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