Exclusive: Hatchet Tour Diary – On The Road with Doyle – Chapter 5

Hatchet have hit the road for a tour across the United States opening for Doyle, and in the spirit of keeping the world informed, we’re hosting a tour diary with the band. Check out the fifth entry below, and go here for all their tour dates and ticket info.

Captain’s Log: Chapter 5

“It’s hard to write content.” – Touché Amore

I’m a little behind in writing these diaries. Unfortunately for me that means that not only do I have to remember a series of events, but how they made me feel. Maybe I’ll start writing down random thoughts in the form of poetry and just toss all that shit in here like schizophrenic ramblings.

Hatchet tour diary 5-3
Doyle in Minnesota

Wyoming, Wyoming. I hate headliners, and I’m sure a lot of bands at our level would agree. The uncertainty of attendence, the almost guaranteed lack of organization, and the sure-to-show-up drunk guy who swears he met Dimebag at a pizza parlor in 1993 and won’t shut the Fuck up about how much we sound like Testament/Overkill/Death Angel. We get it, we bring you back to “the good ‘ol days.” Now stop yelling in my ear.

Really, Cheyenne was a good show – and great for merch. I couldn’t help but feel for one of the door guys, though. Definite meth addict: skinny, sweaty, smelly, fucked teeth, frequent and long bathroom breaks. Dude was so gone an hour after the show started that he tried to help me load out…before we played. I could tell he was probably an old friend of the promoter by the way everyone wasbtreating him like a junkie piece of shit. He was like the village idiot. And it was really depressing.

Hatchet tour diary 5-1
Found a sticker from my Bay Area buddies in Short Fuse!

The next day (apparently) brought us to Sioux Falls, South Dakota – but honestly I can’t remember a damn thing. First time on my life I’ve experienced tour amnesia.

Chicago (sorry, Crest Hill*) was more of the same. Below average turnout but the few quality people that liked us made it worthwhile. Pretty sure I hit a bugged ATM at this place though, which I’ll explain in the next diary, but beware!

Hatchet tour diary 5-2
Guiness and Blue Moon

The north is cold, man. My first time in Minnesota was brutal to me – this California body can only take so long below 68°. But we got some gas station soup and powered through like champs. My only gripe about POV’s was the passive aggressive sound guy, who Ben has apparently had problems with in the past. He leveled some dickish comments at Julz over some monitor mixes, but of course you can’t do anything…Because he’s the sound guy.

…and he will wreck your shit.

– Clayton

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