Exclusive: Hatchet Tour Diary – On The Road with Doyle – Chapter 6

Hatchet have hit the road for a tour across the United States opening for Doyle, and in the spirit of keeping the world informed, we’re hosting a tour diary with the band. Check out the sixth entry below, and go here for all their tour dates and ticket info.

Captain’s Log: Chapter 6

The day of October 10. 7 Flags Event Center is the venue of the day, just outside of Des Moines. My first thought was, “please, oh please, don’t be a real event center…”

God Dammit

I’ve complained in the past about some of the venue sizes on this tour, but holy shit this could not get worse. 2,500-3,000 capacity? It’s like the promoter wanted to lose money. And I’m convinced half of those “150 confirmed presales” were just the locals buying the tickets they were made to sell. But hey, it was a gigantic stage and the place had a shower so it definitely wasn’t all bad, haha. #brightside

Hatchet tour diary 6-1
7 Flags isn’t big enough.

The next day we downgraded to the much more appropriately sized Spicoli’s in Waterloo, Iowa. (Hands down best burger I’ve had on tour so far). The thing about venue capacity is that when you put 100 people in a small club, it looks packed and gets everyone stoked – whether you’re in the band or crowd. When you put 100 people in an arena, it looks totally empty and makes the show harder to enjoy from both perspectives. These are metal shows, after all. And is it really a metal show without getting kicked in the face by a surfer?

Continuing the downsize trend, the tour made it to a lovely little pizza shop for our only Indiana date. Alex from Doyle summed the show up perfectly when he shouted, “I wanna see everyone from the front…to the front…sing this next one!”

Hatchet tour diary 6-2
this is our life

Today was also the day I got an email for a $960 charge that I never made. Someone had apparently stolen my card info and semi-successfully cleaned me out for $3000. I sincerely hope a piano falls on the head of every douche that bugs ATM’s. You suck hardcore. I hate to throw anyone under the bus without knowing for sure, but the breach happened the day we played Bada Brew in Crest Hill, Illinois. If you find yourself there, DON’T USE THE ATM.

Hatchet tour diary 6-3
The rumors about this whopper I can confirm 100%

We’ve had a lucky string of short drives, lucky for Ben and me, who always drive nights. So we were all rested for our Michigan stop at The Token Lounge. The only thing I really want to say is that TL has the coolest, most down to earth management of ALL TIME. Spent hours talking to those guys about nerdy business stuff – my favorite!

Until next time, stay greasy!

– Clayton

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