Exclusive: Hatchet Tour Diary – On The Road with Doyle – Chapter 7

Hatchet have hit the road for a tour across the United States opening for Doyle, and in the spirit of keeping the world informed, we’re hosting a tour diary with the band. Check out the seventh entry below, and go here for all their tour dates and ticket info.

Captain’s Log: Chapter 7

(San Leon, TX: 10/30) This…is perfect. Overcast, sprinkling, and tastefully melancholic. My sadness would surely flourish here if I stayed too long. There’s a dock out near the edge of the property – it’s old; you can tell it’s been peeling off layers of itself and falling into the gulf for years. When did you outlive your purpose? I walk to the very edge to see if my weight is enough to collapse.

But not today, not today. It seems you still have a purpose, after all.

Hatchet tour diary 7-1

This is where I’ll write today.


Stanhope, New Jersey is the classic little east coast suburb that you see in movies. So old that you can tell they had to build the city’s infrastructure around preexisting properties: curved roads and generations of the same families closed off from big city society.

Oh, the show? Yeah, that sucked.

Hatchet tour diary 7-2
My better looking half

That night we picked up my girlfriend from JFK on our way BACK to St. Vitus in Brooklyn. Took us an extra hour because no one wants a trailer full of bombs in any New York tunnel. So we’re back at St. Vitus because I’m pretty sure our manager conned the promoter into adding us to a death metal festival with Broken Hope. It was actually pretty sweet though; the DM crowd and all their long-sleeved glory were very receptive to us. And then our label came by to drop off a box of ‘Fear Beyond Lunacy’ for us. Happy day!

Hatchet tour diary 7-3
“If you aren’t with Danzig, get the FUCK off my stage!” – Danzig’s security

FINALLY we hit Rock and Shock Fest in Worcester, Massachusetts. God lift our spirits and let us mooch off the festival crowd.

…and so it was.

Huge crowd, huge response, even for us on the upstairs stage. Packed from the moment doors opened and everyone, Danzig, Superjoint, Veil of Maya, Doyle, Hatchet all killed it. If only that show could be every day out here.

Hatchet tour diary 7-4
Our crowd
Hatchet tour diary 7-5
Superjoint’s crowd

How do you top a huge festival featuring legends like Glenn Danzig and Phil Anselmo? Well I can tell you it’s NOT by playing Revolution Bar in Amityville, NY. Not only was the turnout potentially the worst so far, the bartender seemingly made up her own prices (and when my girl called her the fuck out, she offered “a few bucks back”), a condescending sound guy that felt the need to talk shit that it was taking so long for us to set up – when it was HIS retard “stage manager” who won’t get off stage, making an already overcrowded space even harder to work in. Seriously, with the exception of one male bartender and a stage hand, fuck the staff at Revolution Bar in Amityville, New York.

Tomorrow is Baltimore, sick.

– Clayton

Hatchet tour diary 7-6
Clayton and Julz
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